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Retirement Income

<strong>Time for a New Approach to Living in Retirement</strong>

Time for a New Approach to Living in Retirement

At Burgdorf Wealth Managers, we start developing your personalized long-term financial plan with a direct focus on your desired lifestyle, not the systematic distributions of a generalized crowd. We don't use cookie-cutter strategies that assume systematic distributions. We focus on making sure you have a plan that provides consistent and dependable income for your whole life. We mathematically calculate how much risk you should take or not take, and we address the silent killer of retirement funds: inflation.

Advanced Time Segmentation® Overview

Advanced Time Segmentation is a strategic approach to portfolio design using a three-segment, five-category methodology and advanced planning strategies to assist you in selecting the most appropriate investments for your situation.1

<strong>We Are a Strategy-Driven Practice</strong>

We Are a Strategy-Driven Practice

Many retirees or pre-retirees entering into financial planning strive toward stability and want to avoid risk at all costs. A strategy-driven firm, like ours, takes this into account by incorporating time-segmented retirement income distributions. This segmentation encourages stability and weighs assets across three categories in order to provide stability and deter risk.

Choose Investment for the Right Time

Our investment strategy seeks to match your assets to your liabilities by organizing your investments into three segments: Fixed Income, Balanced Assets, and Long-term Growth. These segments are designed to correspond to your needs during different periods of your life. You start by spending down the first two segments while allowing the third segment, comprised of riskier, more volatile investments, the time it needs to potentially grow.

<strong>Fixed Income</strong>

Fixed Income

The money that you need goes into an "investment" bucket designed to provide immediate funds for retirement.

<strong>Balanced Assets</strong>

Balanced Assets

The money that you will need later goes into a second bucket to provide the income you will need adjusted for inflation - in later years.

<strong>Long-term Growth</strong>

Long-term Growth

The money that you've designated for the long term, including distributions to your descendants and charitable interests, goes into a third bucket for long-term growth.

Your Wealth Deserves a Strategy

We take principles that were typically exclusive to the wealthy and make them accessible to everyone. We mathematically calculate your risk, inflation-adjust your income, and strive to ensure a lasting legacy. We do all of this by implementing a strategy with every portfolio so that time is on your side.

We lay out a strategy that creates inflation-adjusted income that addresses risk by giving equities time to potentially grow untouched. This approach allocates assets into different time segments based on the period of time when those assets are expected to generate income.

A successful time-segmented wealth distribution plan is designed to provide as much confidence for retirees who are in their 80's as it did when their retirement was just beginning.

<strong>A Simplified Approach</strong>

A Simplified Approach

At Burgdorf we simplify the complex world of finance for our clients. Many of them would rather be spending time with family, friends, or engaging with their communities and don't have time to actively manage their long-term plans. They need a partner who will tell them the truth and who shares their values to live simply, work diligently, and give generously.

<strong>Transparent Planning &#38; Consulting Costs</strong>

Transparent Planning & Consulting Costs

The initial appointment is complimentary. After meeting with Mark, he and his team will have a good idea of what the next steps should be and will formulate a plan of action with your input.

If a comprehensive plan is warranted, our normal hourly fee is $200 but is capped at $1500 for the initial plan. The plan will have very clear action steps to follow that may involve areas of: budgeting and cash flow management, tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning/projections, insurance analysis, investment recommendations, and college savings plans.

If investment services are necessary, Mark will disclose any additional costs at that time.

<strong>Maximize Your Social Security Benefits</strong>

Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

How and when you choose to claim your Social Security benefits can have a significant impact on the financial outlook for your time in retirement. We’ve expanded our retirement planning services to include an in-depth Social Security Analysis with our in-house Registered Social Security Analyst®, Mark Burgdorf. We’ll conduct an initial assessment of your personal situation, run an analysis to provide you with several claiming strategy options, and then help you select the optimal strategy to maximize your Social Security benefits, while blending in with your overall retirement plan.

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