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A Simplified Approach

<strong>We Share Your Deep Values</strong>

We Share Your Deep Values

As an independent firm we're able to personalize financial solutions tailored to your unique needs. As a fiduciary, we put you first. Our recommendations are always informed by proven wealth management strategies. We're committed to earning your trust and helping to cultivate financial confidence. We share similar values according to our  shared high calling. Who better to help you plan the thriving and generous retirement you've worked hard for?

<strong>A Simplified Approach</strong>

A Simplified Approach

At Burgdorf Wealth Managers, we simplify the complex world of finance for our clients. Many of them would rather be spending time with family, friends, or engaging with their communities and don't have time to actively manage their long-term plans. They need a partner who will tell them the truth and who shares their values to live simply, work diligently, and give generously.

<strong>Meeting You Where You Are</strong>

Meeting You Where You Are

We love generating simple solutions with stability in mind. While some firms may want you to jump through hoops to meet them where they're at, we know this planning process can bring feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability. We design plans that are fully personalized throughout the relationship process. We're always ready to present alternatives and adjust according to life's unpredictable circumstances. It's how it should be.

Something For Every Life Stage

Each life stage has unique financial needs. We're here to help with all your current and future goals.

<strong>Starting Out</strong>

Starting Out

<strong>Growing Wealth</strong>

Growing Wealth

<strong>Nearing Retirement</strong>

Nearing Retirement

<strong>Living In Retirement</strong>

Living In Retirement

<strong>A Process That fits You Today &#38; Tomorrow</strong>

A Process That fits You Today & Tomorrow

We base our recommendations on your financial goals and appetite for risk. We prioritize what's most important and we do careful analysis of your current assets to gauge their most beneficial attributions. Then we create a simple plan that removes complexities and puts you on a good course. Next we watch and update so you can better anticipate life's unknowns with greater confidence.

     Adding Clarity & Confidence


We start with open conversations about your financial situation and a thorough analysis of your current assets.


We want to know the nitty gritty, what keeps you up at night, and what you value so we can personalize your plan.


Financial documents, current plan and strategies, insurance, and other possible assets are weighed carefully

Develop a Plan

All investment recommendations are presented in a transparent and simplified manner so that you are comfortable with the details.


Should you choose to work with us, we can take all we've outlined and discussed and put it into action.

Monitor & Adjust

Life brings the unexpected. That's why we'll continue to meet and stay ahead of your goals, together.

<strong>Thriving In Retirement</strong>

Thriving In Retirement

Retirement is all about protecting your nest egg through supplemental income and budgeting. Supplemental income includes qualified retirement plans, social security, personal savings, and investments. But how do you know if all of it is enough? That's our specialty. Our planning tools and experience help to clarify this question to give you confidence to live the joyous and generous retirement life you've worked for.

<strong>Transparent Planning &#38; Consulting Costs</strong>

Transparent Planning & Consulting Costs

The initial appointment is complimentary. After meeting with Mark, he and his team will have a good idea of what the next steps should be and will formulate a plan of action with your input.

If a comprehensive plan is warranted, our normal hourly fee is $200.00 but is capped at $1500.00 for the initial plan. The plan will have very clear action steps to follow that may involve areas of: budgeting and cash flow management, tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning/projections, insurance analysis, investment recommendations, and college savings plans.

If investment services are necessary, Mark will disclose any additional costs at that time.