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Get Carefull: Security for Your Financial Life

Leading Defense for Your Savings, Identity, and Credit

Carefull is a financial protection service that defends you and your family’s money, credit, and identity from thieves, scammers, and simple money mistakes. It comes with the added security of $1 million in identity theft insurance in case unforeseen challenges do happen.

While Carefull is typically $300 a year, we are making this service available to you and your family at no charge!

<strong>Keeping Your Needs at the Forefront of Our Work</strong>

Keeping Your Needs at the Forefront of Our Work

Our team at Burgdorf is dedicated to helping our clients get “carefull” with their financial security. With digital scams and fraud continuing to rise, we have decided to take proactive action to protect both our clients and their families by offering selected clients access to Carefull, a leading financial protection service built to defend your savings, credit, identity, passwords and documents. Read on to learn more about how Carefull can help you maintain your financial security.

What Carefull Does

Each life stage has unique financial needs. We're here to help with all your current and future goals.

24/7 AI account monitoring and alerts for fraud, scams, and everyday money mistakes

$1 million of identity theft insurance supported by white glove assistance to recover lost funds & cover legal costs

Credit monitoring and internet-wide defense of your address, passport, phone, license and other leakage of personal information

A military-grade Vault – your proprietary digital safety deposit box – to secure passwords, organize critical documents, and share them safely

A simple and smart trusted contacts system that allows view-only sharing of need-to-know financial information for safe group coordination

A curated library of content to help you navigate scams, taxes, estate planning, and more

Learn How to Get Carefull with Your Finances with Burgdorf Wealth Management

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How It Works

Set Up in 5 Minutes or Less

Choose the protections you wish to activate, then create a profile with a few basic details & securely link the accounts you choose to protect.

Carefull Works in the Background

Our advanced technology learns what is typical for you, so we can immediately spot anything out of the ordinary. We stay one step ahead of the latest scams, always building new protections.

We Help You Take Action

If Carefull detects any suspicious activity, we will notify you immediately and help you with next steps.

Certified Standards of Service and Security

Certified Standards of Service and Security

Carefull is the first financial caregiving service to receive its SOC 2 certification. A SOC 2 Report is designed to provide assurances about the effectiveness of security controls at an organization as it relates to security, service availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. 

An independent CPA firm performed Carefull’s SOC 2 examination and concluded our report with an unqualified (clean) opinion, with zero exceptions identified.

To request a copy of Carefull’s SOC 2 report, contact

<strong>A Shield to Protect Your Family and Future&#160;</strong>

A Shield to Protect Your Family and Future 

Burgdorf offers Carefull as a tool to go beyond financial protection to provide a sense of security for individuals and their families. By implementing advanced monitoring systems and personalized defense mechanisms, we aspire to give clients a shield that not only protects assets but also nurtures legacies that can last for generations to come.

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