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Simplifying the complex, so you 
thrive in your planned retirement. 

Our firm puts faith-based principles into action to help you find clarity and confidence
in the complicated world of finance.

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Minute On Wealth Series

Introducing our video series, "Minute on Wealth," thoughtfully curated to deliver concise and knowledgable financial guidance. Crafted by our team, these videos present invaluable perspectives and practical suggestions to assist you in reaching your financial goals. Elevate your financial literacy to help make confident choices about money management and your financial future.

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<strong>A Simplified Approach</strong>

A Simplified Approach

At Burgdorf Wealth Managers, we simplify the complex world of finance for our clients. Many of them would rather be spending time with family, friends, or engaging with their communities and don’t have time to actively manage their long-term plans. They need a partner who will tell them the truth and who shares their values to live simply, work diligently, and give generously.

<strong>Thriving In Retirement</strong>

Thriving In Retirement

Retirement is all about protecting your nest egg through supplemental income and budgeting. Supplemental income includes qualified retirement plans, social security, personal savings, and investments. But how do you know if all of it is enough? That's our specialty. Our planning tools and experience help to clarify this question to give you confidence to live the joyous and generous retirement life you've worked for.

<strong>Ed Slott and Company</strong>

Ed Slott and Company

Ed Slott and Company is an informative source of accurate, timely IRA expertise and analysis to financial advisors, institutions, consumers, and media across the country. As member of Ed Slott's Elite Advisor GroupSM , Burgdorf Wealth Managers gets first-hand advisor advice and insight to benefit our customers. Check our blog page for exclusive Ed Slott content on your journey towards financial literacy.

Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM is a group of financial professionals who pay a fee to attend a seminar that explores regulations, tax updates, and other issues regarding individual retirement accounts. It does not qualify a financial professional to provide investment recommendations, or advice.

<strong>SmartVestor Pro</strong>

SmartVestor Pro

Burgdorf Wealth Management is proud to have Patrick Buchana as a SmartVestor Pro. As a SmartVestor Pro, Patrick has been vetted and approved by Ramsey Solutions to provide clients with knowledgable investment advice and financial planning services. By working with Patrick, clients can benefit from his experience and knowledge in managing investment portfolios and creating customized financial plans, he's a pro.

Working with an advisor that is part of the SmartVestor network cannot guarantee investment success or that financial goals will be achieved. There can be no assurance that working with a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro (SVP) will produce or achieve better results than working with an advisor not affiliated with the SmartVestor program. Advisors that participate in this program pay a fee to belong to the program for client leads that are provided. Dave Ramsey and the Dave Ramsey SmartVestor program is not affiliated with Cetera and Burgdorf Wealth Managers Financial Advisors and is not sponsored or endorsed by Cetera nor Burgdorf Wealth Managers Financial Advisors.

Explore a Wide Range of Services For Your Needs

At Burgdorf Wealth Managers, our services are designed to get you where you're going so you can spend more time with your family, friends, and community, and less time wading through financials. 

Wealth Management

Wealth Management is all about preserving and growing your wealth to make sure you are on track with your future goals.

Financial Planning

Considerations for everything including college and other life events, income planning, estate planning, and cash flow analysis.

Retirement Income

Retirement Income strategies are our specialty. It's where you transition from building your nest eggs to withdrawing them in order to maintain your lifestyle.

Insurance and Asset Protection

Assembling a plan to help protect you and your loved ones from the negative impacts unforeseen circumstances could have.

Education Planning

Whether it's college investment plans including, 529s or custodian account plans, you can count on our education planning services.

Estate Planning

Estate planning clients can expect a comprehensive approach that considers all the tools: wills, trusts, and advanced directives.

<strong>Meet Our Great Team</strong>

Meet Our Great Team

At Burgdorf Wealth Managers, we started over 30 years ago with a simple office, minimum office staff, meager equipment and one client. We still have a passion to clearly understand your financial concerns, long term dreams, and help clients pursue their goals.

Want to know your Risk Number?

A 5-minute questionnaire covers topics such as portfolio size and top financial goals while showing real dollar amounts of how much you are willing to risk for potential gains. Once complete, you will have a personalized Risk Number®. It’s fast, free, and displays your number instantly. 


Visualize the Possibilities

See your full financial picture and make better decisions about what matters. Asset-Map is a tool that allows us to visualize your complete financial inventory and track progress on financial goals on one page. With intuitive mind map-like diagramming, you can see and understand your finances like never before and as a result, make better decisions about your financial future.